1. rina-hatakeda:


    To celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite halfbloods here a little Annabeth Cosplay spam - also including her Seaweed Brain 

    Hopefully this year he isn’t pestering her with questions about the details of her birth again ;) 


    Annabeth Chase is cosplayed by Koneco

    Percy Jackson is cosplayed by Yuka 

    All pictures were taken by me (Rina)

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  3. Sorry for the long wait!

    I know not all, but maybe some of you have been waiting for me to upload some more WIP or Shooting stuff. I am sorry that thingshave been a bit sluggish lately but Elsa took a lot out of me. I may be able to upload some pictures from a convention I went to some time next week, but for now I wanna show you some of my Astrid Hofferson progess!

    First of some braid details of my wig (which I am pretty darn proud of)

    and here is the first finished arm bracer (with temporary lacing)


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  5. You know you are too deep into cosplay

    when instead of saying

    "I can’t really find that fabric I should alter this design a bit"

    You sew the goddamn pattern on stripe after stripe

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  7. Hey ma peeps!

    Sorry to be an inactive poop for such a long time but I kind of got a few comissions in and had to prepare for a few big projects that I am gonna work on this year! (And I am certainly not letting go too many hints about these)

    But here is my Tinkerbell costume I have shown you guys so many progress shos off! Those of you who follow me for a while know that that ain’t the original dress….nopedinope. Good ol’ me decided to redo the complete dress the day before the convention. Not kidding I am pretty damn serious about thid. Dress is made and handpainted in a total of maybe 6-10 work hours. (pretty damn cool eh?)

    It was damn weird being bound down this much (and it was the main comment by friends that “sheesh it’s like a weird ass nightmare seeing you without boobs..it’s like…the world isn’t right or something…don’t ever do it again…this is so weird!)

    But considering I was going for a hard working smeltery and tinkering kind of fairy I felt it more appropriate for her not to be too much of a sexbomb in this dress. I really loved wearing this I just felt awesome running around feeling like I could be useful in an emergency of tinker needs.

    Now to the hard facts:

    Costume made and worn by me (but I got the help of magic friendship for this as well with lots of backup from fandomasylum and yukafreak)

    Photography and editing: rina-hatakeda (who always says my butt and froze nearly to death with me for the outdoor pictures CAUSE WE BE REAL TROOPERS)

    The conceptual drawing for this was found on tumblr, but the original artist has deleted their account and I could literally not trace it back for the life of me. He has no other sites no official facebook page nothing. So I am afraid I can’t give the credit he deserves…which is a real shame, because the idea is pretty damn awesome

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  9. rina-hatakeda:

    I’m not mean, I’m a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code.

    Marceline Abadeer Photoset (Adventure Time)

    Because I love this vampire lady who eats shades of red and is emotionally invested into a teddybear and a princess made of bubblegum

    The outfit is from the episode “Henchman” and like the axebass and the umbrella it was selfmade by the Cosplayer

    Hambo was made by me and was a birthday present to her 


    Marceline is cosplayed by konecos-cosplay

    All photos were taken by me (rina-hatakeda)

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  11. Hey ma Peeps!

    I didn’t show you anything finished and polished in a while so have long forgotten pictures of my Elizabeth Comstock/Dewitt/MajourKickass Cosplay!

    These pictures are from a test shooting we did ages ago that we had totally forgotten. But fandomasylum found them and now you get to see them! I will have to add the broach to the necklace and do some tweaking here and there but I am overall pretty happy with it considering how much of a bitch the velvet fabric was to work with.

    We definetely need to find a better location and a Booker to take some proper pictures soon. Until then have a good one!

    Cosplay made and worn by me

    Photography by fandomasylum





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  13. OOPS I JOINED A NEW FANDOM BY ACCIDENT HAHA MY BAD also known a: Super Impromptu Kenzie Make-Up cause Lost Girl rocks my socks

    The fringe of the make-shift wig I took for this is doing this weird and annoying thing where it swoops the way it likes in these pictures but man I am tired and couldnt breath too well in the damn corsett so I couldn’t be bothered to fix it more than I already did (ugh). Also sorry for the crappy fucking quality of this I mean man just look at it…my other camera is kinda dead so I couldn’t take actually good pictures.

    To the clothes…I just…found them in my closet. Yes even the boots. I had everything just sitting there. Kinda weird how I could go into a gothic club without raising suspicion only the fucking damn fringe will be raised UGH SO ANNOYING Anyway I really like my look as Kenzie and I feel kinda comfortable in it considering my goth phase was in 8th grade and is long time in the past. She is an amazing character and she deserves all the lovin. Maybe I will even find a Bo-Bo to go out and kick some ass with! Although I found my true BFF Bo-Bo&Kenz style already in fandomasylum

    Gonna look forward to cosplaying her for realsies considering I like an impromptu crappy wannabe thing so much already

    Bonus Derpin around:

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  15. Yo ma peeps! Be amazed by even more progress and shit!

    I finished the base for my Tinkerbell dress! That means I can now get the leaf markings on it and feel good about myself. I have been in bed sick and man I just needed to make a bit of progress to not feel like a coughing contagious failure. As you can see the top is a little bunched up and uneven so I may have got to go back on it and fix that, but for today I think this should suffice.

    I also may add a few underleaves later if I feel this is a bit too basic, but meh I think it’s a good job for a 2 hour worktime thingie.

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  17. Hey ma peeps!

    After some time and a glitter trauma I finally fucking finished my wings for realistic!Tinkerbell. They still fit a bit awkwardly without the full costume and I look like poop because I have a cold, but man these are the first wings I don’t want to strangle myself with.

    The last picture is mainly my level of done with fucking glittering shit though I still wanna coat the frame in glitter to hide some of the hotglue edges but ssshhhh I live in denialville right now don’t tell me

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  19. rina-hatakeda:

    I heard it was Jily Week so I had to get out all the Jily. 

    Not that I need an excuse to post Jily because I love them and their love. And I could totally do ten more photoshoots with my lovely friends in these costumes. 

    Worn in winter for a mini shoot and a convention and then in summer for a photoshoot at a Castle here in Germany 

    Lily Evans

    James Potter

    Photography by me (Rina

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